Snake Mountain Boatworks

We are laser focused on saving old wood boats and reversing the ravages of time through preservation, not “restoration”. I cringe every time I see a boat for sale ad exclaiming that you should buy her because her transom, bottom, topside and deck planking is new. Such a boat is no longer old; she is little more than a copy of what she once was.

Old boats are old because they retain all the old wood and old components that could be saved. Sometimes, and especially with bottom planking, the original wood is just too far gone to save. That’s why our guiding criterion is, “Replace only what cannot be saved.” The SMB crew knows its way around old wood boats and how to preserve them, and that we uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship in the process.

1938 Chris Craft Runabout preservation: “Flyin’ By”

Flyin’ By won Best of Show in the 2017 Lake Champlain ACBS Antique and Classic Boat Show.

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