Fixed Price 5200 Bottom Program


Snake Mountain Boatworks’ Fixed Price True 5200 Bottom Program includes the following Core Services.

  • Replace the entire inner bottom and outer bottom planking, as well as the intermediate frames – battens –  as needed
  • Apply 3M 5200 between inner and outer planks and at all joints
  • Remove chine and bottom transom planks; reattach bedded in 5200
  • All wood gets fastened silicon bronze screws
  • All wood gets sealed with Smith’s Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES)
  • Round head bilge screws installed by on request at an extra charge. Note: Not necessary with a new bottom unless the vessel will be shown and judged
  • Bilge painted with correct oil-based paint in its original color.
  • Bottom primed with five coats of Interlux 2000E Barrier Coat and painted with the correct color bottom paint


  • Core Services
    • Plywood (3/16”) inner skin followed by 3/8” exterior traditional planking – $1,000 per lineal foot LOA; includes all labor and materials; or
    • Double plywood application – 3/16” interior and 3/8” exterior skin – $850 per lineal foot LOA; includes all labor and materials
  • Additional Charges (Incudes all labor and materials)
    • Replace half frames as needed – $250 each
    • Replace full framers as needed — $500 each
    • Replace chines as needed – $1000 each
    • Replace chine and bottom transom plank as needed — $250 each
    • Replace keel as needed: – $1,500
    • Bilge stringer replacement, as needed – $1,000 each
    • Forefoot replacement, as needed – $500
    • Inner plywood can be scribed on request at an extra charge – billed at time and materials
  • Additional services – varnishing, painting, deck seam work, etc. – billed on a time and materials basis


  • True 5200 Bottom
  • Fifty percent of Core Services cost ($1,000 x LOA or $850 x LOA, depending on chosen configuration) due upon drop-off
  • Balance due upon completion
  • Additional Service – 25% deposit upon initiation, periodic working capital infusions in response to detailed accounting statements