SOLD – 1964 25′ Lyman Sleeper & Tandem-axle Sea Lion Trailer

 Offered at $16,750 – Fully & Professionally Preserved 1964 25’ Lyman Sleeper, Eleonora & Tandem Axle Sea Lion Trailer

Eleonora, Hull Number K-1250, had languished in a shed on the shores of Lake George for years, when longtime Vermont TV journalist and WCAX TV (CBS) news anchor, Marselis Parsons, bought her and chose Snake Mountain Boatworks LLC to preserve her.

Save her we have! Watch Eleonora being launched and roaring back to life on Lake Champlain during her September 2012 Sea Trial. 

She moved to her new home at the Lake Champlain Yacht Club, LCYC, in Shelburne Bay, VT. From that port Marselis, his family and many friends enjoyed roaring at speeds approaching 40 knots across Lake Champlain. (She is powered by a 1984, 5.9 liter Chrysler V8 that produces 260 HP.)

She is now in cold inside storage, with all fees paid through May, 2017.

She offers you incredible originality, a dry bilge, all original and functioning gauges, throttle, shift lever, cushions and canvas. She has been updated with an Iva Lite, oiled teak swim platform and a Hummingbird depth sounder. She rides on a 2012, tandem axle, Disc Brake Sea Lion trailer

She is particularly turnkey.  She includes a color-coordinated set of green fenders and dock lines. Her full canvas is original, Lyman Customline, fabricated by Nielson Canvas Co., Sandusky, OH.

We lost Marselis to Cancer in 2015. At his family’s request, Snake Mountain Boatworks brought Eleonora into the shop in September 2016, and freshened her decks, topsides and bottom. She has been winterized and is waiting for her new stewards to own and launch her anew in 2017.

In preparation for offering her to new stewards, we freshened her bottom and topside paint, burnished and waxed her decks, windshield, covering boards and horizontal interior bright surfaces. (Several dings along her gunwale and foredeck edges were repaired and varnished anew.)

Her bottom was scraped, all dings and scrapes were repaired and inter-strake seams were sealed where needed, before she was spot primed with Pettit Tie Coat Primer. Her bottom then received three coats of Pettit Copper Bronze Antifouling paint.

Her topsides were sanded flat and then received three fresh coats of sea green Interlux Brightside Topside paint. (The new video errs in using “Wet Edge” instead of “Brightside.”)

Here are two new videos shot in November, 2016:

Meet Eleonora

2016 Engine Winterization

Following is a partial list of work we performed during the summer and fall of 2012, and thereafter.

  • Engine:
    • Compression test returned 150 PSI across all 8 cylinders
    • Cleaned and rebuilt the carburetor, water pump and distributor
    • Replaced the fuel pump, exhaust hoses and mufflers, coil, voltage regulator, belts and cooling system hoses
  • Bottom:
    • Repaired stem and knee
    • Stripped to bare wood and re-fastened
    • Sealed seams and applied three coats of Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer
    • Primed and painted – Pettit Tie Coat Primer and Copper Bronze Antifouling paint
  • Topsides (Note: Eleonora retains all of her original wood on her topsides, transom, decks and interior.)
    • Stripped to bare wood & refastened where necessary
    • Sealed seams and applied three coats of Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer
    • Primed with Interlux PreKote – three coats, sanding between coats
    • Applied three coats of Interlux Brightside Sea Green topside paint.
  • Transom – We were constrained by Marselis’ decision to leave her name unchanged, so could not strip the transom to bare wood. Fortunately, the lettering had already been varnished over.)
    • Sanded the surface flat
    • Applied four coats of Pettit Hi Build varnish
  • Decks, covering and coaming boards, and all horizontal surfaces in the cockpit and helm station
    • Stripped to bare wood, sanded, bleached and stained (Sandusky Paint Co., Lyman Mahogany Stain before applying three coats of Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer.
  • Running gear
    • The skeg, rudder and prop assembly, including the prop itself, were released. Their interior and exterior mounting surfaces were scraped to bare wood, after which they were sealed with Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer. All components were installed, bedded in 3M5200, and fastened using silicon bronze carriage bolts, flat and lock washers, and hex nuts.
  • Bilge – cleaned and scraped before applying two coats of Sandusky Lyman Sand Tan bilge paint.
  • Interior seating, cabinets, bulkhead and ceilings
    • Unfortunately, Marselis’ battle with Cancer began the same spring that we were scheduled to refinish the aft and helm station benches, seatbacks and bases, the bulkhead, and the two storage lockers situated behind the helm seats. As such, we did not address these issues. They remain as unfinished business for her next stewards to tackle, or have Snake Mountain Boatworks tackle on her behalf.

CONTACT: Michael Claudon by email: [email protected].