SOLD 1958 15’ Twin-Cockpit Cadillac Seville & Tee Nee Trailer

1958 15’ Twin-Cockpit Cadillac Seville Offered at $24,500: 1958 15’ Twin-Cockpit Cadillac Seville & Tee Nee Trailer

While lesser wood and aluminum Cadillac Marine & Boat Company examples from the fifties have survived, I can find no other molded plywood, twin cockpit Model M Caddy Sevilles in any condition, let alone one preserved to museum quality.

With a wholesale price was $1,245 in 1958, precious few were ordered. The GM Heritage Collection does not have one.

Hull number M 5883, may be a one-of-a-kind. She is without doubt an incredibly fine example of cross-fertilization between the period’s auto design and emerging fiberclassics-to-be in the waning years of wooden boats.

No expense was spared during our comprehensive, three-year cosmetic and mechanical restoration of the boat, engine and trailer.

  • Molded plywood hull stripped and refinished inside and out;
  • New upholstery matching original Evinrude blue;
  • Mahogany and Avodire decks and covering boards stripped, refastened and coated with 10 coats of Interlux Two-Part Perfection;
  • Original Special Edition 1958 Evinrude (30 HP) outboard completely disassembled, rebuilt mechanically;
  • 1959 Tee Nee tilting trailer with 1958 NOS baby moons and Cooper white wall tires. Every part was disassembled, sandblasted, repainted chrome yellow and reassembled; and
  • Hardware restoration by Mickey Dupuis, D&S Custom Plating in Holyoke, MA.


Watch the Caddy emerging from Snake Mountain Boatworks in May.
Roger Towle presents his restoration of the Caddy’s 1959 tilting Tee Nee trailer.

If you bleed Caddy, here is a unique opportunity to add something to your collection that no other enthusiast or collector can duplicate!

History – Cadillac Marine and Boat Company

Cadillac Marine & Boat Company was a boat building firm located in Cadillac, Wexford County, Michigan between 1958 and 1960, and a continuation of Cadillac Boat Company [?]. The company was located at 110 7th St., P.O. Box 65, in Cadillac. Gaylord Gill was the Manager of the firm in 1960. The company was established in 1953. In 1960 the company employed 281 males and 3 females. Sources: Michigan Manufacturer and Financial Record. The Directory of Michigan Manufacturers, 1959 (Detroit, MI: Manufacturer Publishing Co., 1958.) p. 401–classified products section. Michigan Manufacturer and Financial Record. The Directory of Michigan Manufacturers, 1960 (Detroit, MI: Manufacturer Publishing Co., 1960.) p. 410–classified products section. p. 52-geographic section. The available brochures we have from this manufacturer are located at the left on the little notepad thingy. (Source:

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