Engine, Mechanical and Electrical

The SMB crew brings a combined 50+ years’ experience building, repairing and upgrading all manner of inboard engines, drivelines, transmissions and the like. Sorting out electrical and wiring issues, from a single circuit to rebuilding entire harnesses sits squarely within our sweet spot as well.

However, when faced with freeing and rebuilding seized engines, machining cylinders and
cranks and cams, our sourcing mechanical and engine parts, we turn to one of the country’s
North America’s foremost engine-transmission shops, Peter Henkel INC in Marine City,

Robert Henkel grew up working with his dad, Peter Henkel, in the shop on Harsen’s Island that
Peter launched in 1972.

Are there competitors closer to Vermont? Yes, but not one of them can hold a candle to what
Robert delivers out of his shop and with his seemingly limitless network.