1955 Penn Yan Commander Aristocrat

Please welcome this truly darling 1955 Penn Yan Commander Aristocrat, hull number is ORH 552832, who rides on her original Tee Nee trailer, to the Snake Mountain Boatworks’ to-be-preserved inventory.

She is quite original, even to the point of retaining the original covering plate for the steering column hole in the dash not being used as the helm station. Her Taylor Made windshield is original as is all of her hardware, all of which is still with the boat.

She is powered by a 1954, Model RDE-16 25 horse Johnson Sea Horse engine. The engine, solenoid box and engine controls retain their original Johnson Sea Horse Green paint, all of which is in exquisite condition. Removing the cowl reveals an equally clean, bright engine that also retains its original Sea Horse green paint. Her ignition plate matches the rest of the ensemble in terms of its originality, color and condition.

The boat is interesting in that the center-steer station can be installed in either compartment. We plan to re-position the original Wilcox Crittenden steering wheel and engine controls to the forward compartment.

She does lack her original pressure tank, but we have an excellent mid-1950s tank that we have sandblasted and will preserve to match the engine and its controls.

She rides on a 1955 Tee Nee trailer that is in excellent mechanical and structural condition. Should her future owner wish us to, we will preserve the trailer as we have others you can find in SMB’s YouTube channel inventory.

The Striptite hull and transom, both inside and out, is in superb condition.

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