1956 17-foot Chris Craft Sportsman

The following is our playlist of videos for our 1956 17′ Chris Craft Sportsman preservation. Click on each to view the video, or the title or text below to watch and read detailed write-up on the video.

According to page 140, Jerry Conrad’s Chris-Craft The Essential Guide, - also termed the “Chris-Craft Bible, 2,563 17’ Sportsman boats were manufactured between 1953-1959. Weighing between 1,630 and 1,800 pounds, and originally called the “Special Sportsman,” this model targeted competing with the emerging fiberglass boats that were marketed as “Just float her off the trailer and go have fun; no soaking required.”
The Special Sportsman hull was planked with standard planking over half-inch marine plywood, which Chris-Craft marketed as, “Just float her off the trailer and go have fun; no soaking required.”
The 1955 and 1956 models were upholstered in flame red, with a white boot stripe.
The flat glass two-piece windshield was replaced by a curved Plexiglas windshield in 1956, and the solid back version was replaced by a split front seat in 1957-59. The decks were finished natural with a blonde king plank 1957-59.
Seven engines were offered, B, K, KL, KBL, KLC, KFL and 283.
This new True 5200 Bottom project is the sixth or seventh Special Sportsman we’ve preserved.
You can find a pretty comprehensive set of True 5200 Bottom How-To videos on our Website:
Anthony has begun removing all of the fasteners by reaching for one of our Roatbroach, with which he is releasing all the caulk-like countersink filler. Amazon stocks the kit: https://www.amazon.com/Grade-Tools-Equipment-Rotabroach-Fractional/dp/B07NVRRD5F/ref=sr_1_16?crid=125GZ3RCDBHBC&keywords=rota+broach+set&qid=1571670972&sprefix=%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-16
Once the countersinks are clean, we will be releasing all of the fasteners, releasing the planks and then getting our first glimpse of her plywood inner skin.
Yes, we will keep you updated.
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