How To Fasten Planks to Vintage Boat Hulls

Vintage Boat Preservation How-To

A popped bung, and even one standing slightly proud of the surface around it, signals a failing or failed fastener beneath. Using stainless fasteners at and below the waterline is a recipe for failure.

This section introduces you to techniques for fastening planks to frames using silicon bronze fasteners, how to bung countersinks and what to use and how to make painted surfaces fair.

stainless steel hull fasteners

Why using stainless steel fasteners below the waterline is VERBOTEN

Don Danenberg’s seminal piece on 5200 bottoms, “What is a TRUE 5200 bottom,” Classic Boating, ...
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1946 Chris Craft Brightside filling countersinks 3M premium marine filler

1946 Chris Craft Brightside Filling Countersinks with 3M Premium Marine Filler

Time to fill a few – thousand – countersink holes! We use 3M Premium Marine ...
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1947 chris craft U22 snapped bottom plank fasteners

1947 Chris Craft U22 Snapped Bottom Plank Fasteners

Anthony began cleaning our 1047 U22’s bottom planks and sorting them into two groups – ...
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1959 chris craft sportsman replacing loose fasteners wood bungs

1959 Chris Craft Sportsman Replacing Loose Fasteners and Wood Bungs

Why Attention to Details is Critical Details, details, details. Dismiss them at your peril, as ...
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1960 cruisers seafarer bottom-refastened countersinks filled

1960 Cruisers Seafarer Bottom Refastened & Countersinks Filled

Bottom fastened! Well, almost. RJ and I still must team as we tighten the tiny ...
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1959 chris craft sportsman porcupined

1959 Chris Craft Sportsman Porcupined!

The how and why of filling fastener holes with glue and toothpicks Porcupined is surely ...
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release bottom plank fasteners 1959 chris craft sportsman

1959 Chris Craft Sportsman – How To Release Bottom Plank Fasteners

The goal here is removing fairing-compound-filled countersinks and releasing the over 1,000 fasteners driven through ...
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how to release clinch nails 1942 century imperial sportsman

How To Release Clinch Nails – 1942 Century Imperial Sportsman

Clinching (sometimes spelled “clenching”) is when you drive a nail that passes through both thicknesses ...
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1946 Gar Wood Ensign Deck Planking

1946 Gar Wood Ensign Deck Planking Update

We are nearing a major milestone on the 1946 Gar Wood Ensign deck replanking portion ...
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1967 century palomino removing bungs flush planking

1967 Century Palomino: Removing Bungs Flush with Planking

This 1967 Century Palomino's decks were completely released so we could gain access to the ...
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1946 gar wood ensign fiberglass hull

1946 Gar Wood Ensign Please Do NOT Fiberglass Wood Boats!

Here is the next installment on our 1946 GarWood Ensign restoration project. With everything removed ...
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1946 Gar Wood Ensign Deck Restoration

1946 Gar Wood Ensign New Deck Milestone Reached Almost

Friday the 13th turns out to be a near milestone day for the 1946 Gar ...
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1946 Gar Wood Ensign Planking Restoration

1946 Gar Wood Ensign Newly Planked & Ready for Bleach

We could not be more pleased to have reached this milestone. We knew we had ...
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1930 Dodge Runabout True 5200 Bottom

1930 Dodge Runabout True 5200 Bottom Progress Update

Installing the Minnow’s True 5200 Bottom is progressing nicely. Three-quarters of the bottom planks have ...
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1940 chris craft barrelback bottom planking

1940 17 Chris Craft Barrelback 5200 Bottom Planking Update

Priscilla, our 1940 17-foot Barrelback “lab rat” experiment is progressing rapidly now that we finally ...
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