How to Repair Dents, Gouges & Splits – The Dutchman

What can we do with a topside or other plank, a dashboard, a splash rail or other original wood in our boat when it tangles and loses with a snarly dock or trailer, a countersink hole splits out, or a split develops?

A Dutchman repair is the answer.

According to Wikipedia ( ,

“A Dutchman is a repair technique for replacing small sections of a damaged area. The term is used in woodworking, masonry, railroading, boatbuilding and theater.

In construction and woodworking, a Dutchman can refer to an inset wood patch used to repair wood.[1] Typically a square inset is cut into the damaged area and a new piece of wood is glued into the inset

The Dutchman repair demands extreme attention to detail, as the following videos illustrate. John will amaze you with his ability to make “hurts” disappear.

1956 chris craft capri dutchman rot repair

1956 Chris Craft Capri Dutchman Rot Repair Milestone

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Credit for this excellent Dutchman repair of the ...
1954 penn yan captivator release transom

1954 Penn Yan Captivator Aristocrat: How to Release the Transom

With the keel, outer stem and splash rails released, and having cleaned all of the ...
dent repair totalboat thixo wood

Ding & Dent Repair Using TotalBoat Thixo Wood

TotalBoat Thixo Wood 2.0 is the current and much, much improved generation of Jamestown Distributor’s ...
1946 chris craft dutchman repair

1946 Chris Craft U22 Dutchman Repair

Thank you for the many requests for a video-taped Dutchman “clinic” that follows John through ...
1946 chris craft u22 dutchman repair

1946 Chris Craft U22 Dutchman Next Steps

Following this morning’s video update on the Dutchman repairs John is executing on the port ...
1946 chris craft dutchman stitch removal

1946 Chris Craft U22 Removing Stitches from a Dutchman

So … you have the slots dadoed and the Dutchmen shaped and trimmed to a ...
1959 chris craft sportsman dutchman repair

1959 Chris Craft Sportsman: Dutchman Repair Clinic

We have two goals for this video: provide an update on our 1959 17’ Chris-Craft ...
Topside Dutchman Repair Completed

Topside Dutchman Repair Completed

One Dutchman repair completed. Just a bit after of this one, also in the first ...
vintage boat dutchman topside repair clinic

Dutchman Topside Repair Clinic – Pt 2

Here is the handout John prepared for the crew: The first starboard-side Dutchmen covers 5 ...
vintage boat dutchman topside repair

Dutchman Topside Repair Clinic – pt 1

The Lake Champlain Chapter of ACBS organizes a series of workshops hosted by wood boat ...
1953 shepherd dutchman repair stem

1953 Shepherd: How to Repair a Stem with a Dutchman (update II)

John continued fabricating two Dutchmen blanks for his stem repair, so here is an update ...
1953 shepherd dutchman repair stem

1953 Shepherd: How to Repair a Stem with a Dutchman (update)

What a nice way to end the week! John has continued working on the Dutchman ...
1953 shepherd dutchman repair stem

1953 Shepherd: How to use a Dutchman to Repair a Stem

Our January 24, 2015 workshop included a clinic led by John La Fountain on using ...
how to repair deep scratch with dutchman

How to Make a Deep Gouge Disappear with a Dutchman

Green Mountain Buoy "bumped" into something at some point that left an ugly gouge - ...