How to Repair Dents, Gouges & Splits – The Dutchman

What can we do with a topside or other plank, a dashboard, a splash rail or other original wood in our boat when it tangles and loses with a snarly dock or trailer, a countersink hole splits out, or a split develops?

A Dutchman repair is the answer.

According to Wikipedia ( ,

“A Dutchman is a repair technique for replacing small sections of a damaged area. The term is used in woodworking, masonry, railroading, boatbuilding and theater.

In construction and woodworking, a Dutchman can refer to an inset wood patch used to repair wood.[1] Typically a square inset is cut into the damaged area and a new piece of wood is glued into the inset

The Dutchman repair demands extreme attention to detail, as the following videos illustrate. John will amaze you with his ability to make “hurts” disappear.