1946 Chris Craft Brightside U22 Preservation

A totally original, very early 1946, Chris-Craft mahogany U22, Hull # U-22-068. She is one of very few mahogany-planked, varnished U22 produced in Algonac, MI.

Included in the project

  • A True 5200 bottom that will most likely require all new external planking, given that the original planking is so oil-soaked that it will not hold paint, which tells me that its structural integrity is compromised.
  • Significant structural work: Several major frame sisters can be seen beneath the helm seating. The chines have been heavily sistered chines amidships on both port and starboard. We and her owners are prepared for what will likely be complete chine replacement.
  • The topsides and transom will be stripped bare both for cosmetic and more importantly, structural reasons. Several planks are split. Most of the butt joints on the topside are fastened only at their outer edges. (Rapping them returns a hollow, rather than crisp response.) Some of the bungs stand proud of the planking, which indicates fastener issues.
  • Her gauges will be shipped to Kocian Instruments in Minnesota today for cosmetic and mechanical restoration.