1946 Chris Craft Brightside U22: How to Install True5200 Bottom Planks

3M5200, signals a major, major milestone fading into our wake, as we work towards completing this 1946 U22’s True5200 bottom.

Just as this one disappears over the aft horizon, a new one has popped up ahead of us – filling and fairing thousands of fastener countersinks with 3M Premium Marine Filler.

But first we will allow the 5200 to cure, while the Acetone we’ve applied to the seams and butt joints following cleaning with Interlux 333, accelerates the curing process.

Before that can happen, however, each seam and joint must be masked with blue painter’s tape, lest the Premium Filler finds its way onto the 5200. The filler will not adhere well to the 5200, which guarantees flaking paint down the road.

In our experience filling the countersinks requires three applications with sanding between the first and second, and thorough fairing after the third will cure.

But for now she will just sit, and then my fun begins.