Vintage Boat Preservations

Several times each week I receive calls or emails wondering, “How can I find the videos you shot on the 1953 Shepherd Runabout – or some other vessel – you preserved? Trying to use YouTube’s search engine gives me lots of frustration, but seldom links to the video(s) I am trying to find.”

“What would really help me is having each boat’s videos organized in a way I can follow your preservation from the day she arrived until her post-preservation video and sea trial at the back end.”

We heard you and, working with my super-talented Webmaster, we have created a searchable living, boat-specific library of videos.

The library’s collection will grow and eventually contain the complete video history of each boat preservation executed by Snake Mountain Boatworks to date.

The video history of future preservation projects will be compiled and uploaded here soon after each woody leaves the shop.