Stripping and Fairing Vintage Boats

1964 lyman sleeper stripping bottom paint

1964 Lyman Sleeper – How To Strip Bottom Paint with Infrared

There is a new old Lyman sleeper in Vermont! And she's being prepped for Lake ...
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green mountain buoy stripping

Green Mountain Buoy Stripping Begins

After having masked and taped her off yesterday, we began removing GMB's many layers of ...
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green mountain buoy stripping foredeck

Stripping Green Mountain Buoy’s Foredeck

Let's agree, stripping varnish or paint is just plain WORK! But it is the first ...
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1957 penn yan captivator stripping

1957 Penn Yan Captivator Stripping Update

It is Saturday and the Captivator project continues. The decks and most of the gunwales ...
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1957 penn yan captivator how-to strip stain

1957 Penn Yan Captivator Stripping Continues

This video contains a plea, “If you do not know how to repair rotted members, ...
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1957 penn yan captivator stain stripping

1957 Penn Yan Captivator Stripping Milestone

It was a long, long day. With heat gun in hand, RJ completed stripping the ...
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1955 penn yan commander aristocrat strip bottom paint

How to Strip Bottom Paint Off a 1955 Penn Yan Commander

The 1955 Penn Yan Commander Aristocrat left the factory with her transom, topsides, decks and ...
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1953 shepherd sportsman varnish stripping

1953 Shepherd Sportsman 22′ Varnish Stripping Update

My wife keeps asking, “Why is it taking you so long to just strip the ...
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1946-chris craft brightside u22 bottom stripping

1946 Chris Craft Mahogany U22 Bottom Stripping

Now that the 1946 Chris-Craft mahogany U22 is flipped, we are launching into the True ...
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1946 chris craft brightside u22 stripped

1946 Chris Craft Brightside U22 Stripping Milestone

Another milestone, well, almost fading in our wake. John has a bit of Sikaflex to ...
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1957 lyman runabout paint varnish stripping

1957 Lyman Runabout Paint Varnish Stripping Update

We are so close to being able to shout, “There! The topside paint and transom ...
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1957 lyman runabout hull stripping

1957 Lyman Runabout Post Stripping Update

RJ and I have been challenging our shoulders, first dry-scraping all the loose bottom paint ...
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1940 lyman yacht tender interior stripping finishing

1940 16′ Lyman Yacht Tender Interior Stripping & Finishing

What a “wonderful” work environment! Not! I have enjoyed two weeks “down under” the flipped ...
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1938 chris craft circa 1850 interlux 200e stripping

1938 Chris Craft – How-to Strip INT 200E Barrier Coat using Circa 1850

Yes, once again, no matter how long I’ve been preserving wood boats, seldom does a ...
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1954 penn yan captivator stripped hull

1954 Penn Yan Captivator Aristocrat Post Stripping Findings

Yesterday we stripped her transom, flipped her, released her splash rails and stripped her bottom ...
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1937 lyman runabout strip bottom

1937 Lyman Runabout – Stripping Eagle’s Bottom

After raising her five feet above the floor, RJ and I have been fully enjoying ...
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1937 lyman runabout hull stripping fairing

1937 Lyman Runabout Hull Stripping & Fairing Update

Our 1937 20-foot Lyman runabout is still planked in her original Philippine mahogany that has ...
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1958 penn yan sealiner stripping

1958 Penn Yan Sealiner Stripping & More

We continue with the most unpleasant elements of wood boat preservation, stripping, sanding sealing and ...
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1956 chris craft capri bottom stripping

1956 Chris Craft Capri Bottom & Stripping

Our 1956 19-FT Chris-Craft Capri has had a tough life, what with being assaulted by ...
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1959 lyman hull stripping

1959 Lyman Hull Stripping Project Update

Having emptied her innards and flipped her, we are hard at removing decades of paint, ...
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