1960 Cruisers Inc. 16′ Model 202 Seafarer Preservation

February to April 2017

OWNER’S GOAL: bring her back to “user boat” standards or better (but not show quality). Need someone to do the bottom (I will take it from there). Leak test indicates significant leaks along the keel.

My sense is that the planking land on the garboard is too small and too perforated with fasteners to be tight any longer.

My thinking is to unfasten the planking and spring it away, then re-bedding and re-fastening.

If the keel can be removed perhaps an apron piece can be added to increase the area of the
planking land.

 It may be that the transom/planking land needs to be re-bedded and re-fastened.

 All of the frames and laps appear to be sound, but perhaps the lap and plank/frame fasteners (nuts and bolts) will need tightening.

 Then stripping bottom, fairing, priming and painting.

I will take it from there…

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