1967 Lyman Cruisette

Lake Champlain Antique and Classic Boat Society member, Chaz Link, has entrusted his 26-foot Lyman Cruisette, Hull #RC1086 that left the Sandusky factory in 1967, complete with seamed teak-planked decks, to Snake Mountain Boatworks where she will be undergoing a major preservation of her decks and gunwales, and, it turns out, of the framing beneath them. We will also strip and repaint the entire hull from keel to gunwales, and do some major repair to sections of the transom and aft planking on the starboard side.

Here you will watch her as we carefully inserted her into one of our preservation areas. Yes, pulse rates rose, but in she went.

1967 lyman cruisette de-planking

1967 Lyman Cruisette – How to De-Plank

It's three days following the Lyman's arrival. The cabin roof and house have been removed ...
1967 lyman cruisette on dollies

1967 Lyman Cruisette has Landed

Removing the 26' Lyman Cruisette from its trailer and lowering it onto boat dollies gives ...
1967 lyman cruisette transom section repair

1967 Lyman Cruisette – How to Replace Transom Section

We are replacing rotted sections, followed by veneering them in ...
1967 lyman cruisette gunwales gone bad

1967 Lyman Cruisette – How to Repair Gunwales Gone Bad

Lymans, as well as any other antique or classic wooden boats depend upon their gunwales ...
1967 lyman cruisette reinstalling restored hardtop

1967 Lyman Cruisette – Reinstalling Her Preserved Hardtop

At over eight by nine feet, and recovered in glistening new Stamoid, reinstalling the Drake's ...
1967 lyman cruisette preservation complete

1967 Lyman Cruisette – Emerging from Preservation

The Drake is a 26' Lyman Cruisette - Hull # RC1086. The Snake Mountain Boatworks ...
1967 lyman cruisette cutting foredeck hatch

1967 Lyman Cruisette – How to Cut the Foredeck Hatch into New Teak Planking

The air is electric as Brian prepares to cut an 18" diameter hole in the ...
1967 lyman cruisette rot under varnish

1967 Lyman Cruisette – Rot Unveiled When Varnish Stripped

We truly believed we’d found any and all rot existing on Eagle’s hull, but forgot ...