Varnish and Paint

The SMB crew is well-schooled in the art of delivering “miles-deep” brightwork using Pettit Z Spar 2015 Flagship Varnish, which is amber, and Pettit Z Spar 2067 Captain’s Ultra Clear Varnish, which is crystal clear, and hours of elbow grease.

According to Jamestown, 

Pettit 2015 Flagship Varnish is considered the traditional standard in the marine industry, with reliable service, versatile application and tough yet flexible durability.

Flagship’s blend of resins and oils achieves excellent brushing performance that levels and sands with the same outstanding characteristics as 1015 Captains Varnish. Flagship boasts the highest screening of damaging UV rays for longer varnish life. This is accomplished through an ultraviolet light filter in conjunction with a hindered amine light stabilizer.

These filters warm woodwork to a light amber hue which will enhance the rich, classic brightwork appearance. A deep rich mirror-like finish increases with each coat of Flagship Varnish, which has the highest build and film depth per coat. Each coat also increases the outstanding abrasion resistance of Flagship Varnish.


Z Spar Captains Ultra Clear 2067 is a premium urethane varnish with ultraviolet inhibitors designed to maintain outstanding gloss long after ordinary varnishes have faded. Ultra-Clear differs from Flagship and Captains 1015 in that it is as a urethane resin type resin. The urethane resin adds clarity and hardness not found in natural varnishes. As a result, Ultra Clear provides remarkable resistance to scratches, chips, alcohol and water. Excellent brushability, leveling and fast buildup make this varnish a pleasure to apply. Z Spar Captains Ultra Clear 2067 varnish is an excellent choice for areas where durability and brightwork gloss are required.

Our bilges receive either Sandusky Bilge Paint or Interlux Bilgekote only. Yes, other brands are available, but none stand the test of time and abuse like Sandusky and Interlux products do.

Interlux is our go-to supplier of bright topside and boot stripe paints, because these products set the standard for competitors to equal.