Varnish to Die For, Snow Fields, Buffing & Polishing

You have done everything correctly to this point. All of your wood has been sanded fair to 80 grit. It has been stained perfectly and sealed with three coats of CPES.

Drop the ball when varnishing will destroy all of your hard work.

Those glossy mahogany hulls, with shines that appear miles deep, do so because their surfaces are flat. Achieving flat requires patience, patience and more patience.

Reading the narratives accompanying these videos are especially critical to achieving varnish to die for. Please do so.

Remember a snow field is a flat surface and your goal, over and over again as you build coats.

We have tried spraying varnish, applying it with super expensive hog bristle brushes, and rolling and tipping it. Rolling and tipping is our choice, not because we believe it is the best of the methods, but because it works for us.

1947 chris craft U22 satin seal varnish

1947 Chris Craft U22 Satin Seal Milestone

Our 1947 Chris-Craft cedar-planked U22 blew past a major milestone today. Her deck, gunwales and ...
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1953 penn yan swift czt varnish

1953 Penn Yan Swift CZT Varnish Update

We are sooo close to completing the varnishing of this incredibly original 1953 12’ Penn ...
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1957 lyman runabout varnish assembly

1957 Lyman Runabout Varnish & Assembly

So many parts. So much staining and varnishing! But with 90 percent of the varnishing ...
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1957 lyman runabout how to varnish

1957 Lyman Runabout – How To Varnish

So close! One more coat of varnish tomorrow and installing our 1957 23’ Lyman Runabout’s ...
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1957 lyman runabout how to varnish

1957 Lyman Runabout – How to Varnish update

Happy New Year from RJ, Joe and Michael at Snake Mountain Boatworks LLC! We spent ...
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1953 shepherd runabout final varnish

1953 Shepherd Runabout: How to Apply Final Coat of Varnish

Yes, she is Voodoo Child, and if all goes well this fall and winter, you ...
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1946 chris craft u22 sanding varnish

1946 Chris Craft: How to Sand Varnish to Snow

Flat = Gloss This update on our conservation process at it applies to the 1946 ...
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1959 chris craft buffed varnish

1959 Chris Craft Sportsman Buffed Assembly Begins

I just spent some minutes viewing our intake photographs of this 1959 17’ Chris-Craft Sportsman ...
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1959 chris craft sportsman how to varnish

1959 Chris Craft Sportsman: How to Buff Varnish (the SMB Way)

Gloss is about flat, which may seem incongruous, but the flatter the surface, the more ...
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how to varnish vintage boats workshop

Snake Mountain Boatworks LCACBS Varnish Buffing Workshop

“Always start with the least abrasive grit that will work, as you don’t want to ...
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1949 lyman leader fairing sealing strakes

1949 Lyman Leader: How to Fair Strakes

Ninnyfish is slowly coming together, but only after she rose up and demanded more attention ...
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1955 penn yan commander aristocrat painting

1955 Penn Yan Commander Aristocrat Finish Painting

Epifanes asserts that its Monourethane One-Component hard high gloss paint “provides incredibly hard urethane abrasion ...
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1952 chris craft riviera buffing varnish

1952 Chris Craft Riviera: Buffing Varnish Triumph

RJ and John rolled and tipped coat number 14 of Pettit High-Build onto the decks ...
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wood boat varnish buffing clinic

Wood Boat Varnish Buffing – RJ’s Clinic

The last coat of varnish has been oh so carefully rolled and tipped. The mahogany ...
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1952 chris craft riviera varnish

1952 Chris Craft Riviera Runabout Varnish Update

Varnishing the Chris-Craft 18’ Riviera Runabout began last Monday. Today, after RJ lightly hand-sanded the ...
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1956 century black cowhide palomino hull preservation

1956 Century Cowhide Palomino Hull Preserved!

She arrived from Long Island, NY last fall, incredibly original throughout, even if a bit ...
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1956 century palomino sikaflex deck seams

1956 Century Palomino How to Fill Deck Seams

Yes, this video is long by YouTube standards, but we have been receiving calls, emails ...
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1958 cadillac seville interlux perfection plus varnish

1958 Cadillac Seville – Interlux Perfection Plus Two Coats

We are nearing completion of a thorough preservation of this early example of cold-molded plywood ...
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