Varnish to Die For, Snow Fields, Buffing & Polishing

You have done everything correctly to this point. All of your wood has been sanded fair to 80 grit. It has been stained perfectly and sealed with three coats of CPES.

Drop the ball when varnishing will destroy all of your hard work.

Those glossy mahogany hulls, with shines that appear miles deep, do so because their surfaces are flat. Achieving flat requires patience, patience and more patience.

Reading the narratives accompanying these videos are especially critical to achieving varnish to die for. Please do so.

Remember a snow field is a flat surface and your goal, over and over again as you build coats.

We have tried spraying varnish, applying it with super expensive hog bristle brushes, and rolling and tipping it. Rolling and tipping is our choice, not because we believe it is the best of the methods, but because it works for us.