Strip and Refinish

We have tried all manner of chemical strippers, almost all of which were great at creating big messes, but terrible at removing paint and varnish. Finally, we found Circa 1850, which was the answer to all our needs, but now has been banned non-commercial, non-professional applications because it contains methylene chloride.

According to Jamestown Distributors, TotalBoat TotalStrip is the answer: 

TotalStrip is a powerful, fast-acting finish remover that quickly breaks down paints, varnishes, lacquers, and stains in just minutes, and won’t drip or sag on vertical or overhead surfaces. It can remove multiple layers in a single application because it can be applied thicker than other chemical strippers. This improved formula contains no NMP or caustic methylene chloride, and the low odor is ideal for indoor or shop use.

Simply use a brush, putty knife, or roller to apply up to 1/2 inch thick. It works quickly on one-part finishes, removing a layer of paint in as little as 15 minutes. TotalStrip is even effective on tough bottom paints that ordinary paint strippers can’t remove.

Its easy-on, easy-off non-caustic formula needs no acid wash neutralization after application – just clean up with water.

We will let you be the judge of JD’s claims, but Circa 1850 TotalStrip is not.

Watch us stripping and fairing lapstrake and carvel-planked hulls.