1937 20-foot Lyman Runabout

The following is our playlist of videos for “Eagle” – our 1937 20′ Lyman Runabout preservation. Click on each to view the video, or the title or text below to watch and read detailed write-up on the video.

I heard about “an old boat” languishing under a hoop house five miles from me, and could not resist. Her second and then current owner described her as having been built order in 1937 by the Iroquois Boat Works, which was then operating in the Buffalo, NY area. One thing led to another, and she is now mine.
Her first owner replaced the original four-cylinder Gray Marine with the six-cylinder Chrysler Marine Ace that now dominates, actually over-powers the boat in every way. The Ace will be coming out ASAP, if only to lighten the load on the hull. (I have an early four-cylinder Gray in storage that may eventually power her, but that decision will be informed by the research that comes first.)
She is pretty complete, but now I face the challenge of researching the Iroquois Boat Works and this boat. Unless I missed it there, Bob Speltz makes no mention of this firm anywhere among his six volumes. Online searches have produced nothing to date.
That said I am reaching out to all of you for help. She is an early boat, complete with her steel cable steering. Preserving her correctly is a must, but learning what is correct trumps doing anything but pulling the Ace. Those eye hooks in the transom pulled water skiers, and all but certainly do not belong.
Your thoughts? Have you any information on the company? Ever seen one? Can you refer me to anyone who owns an Iroquois Boat Works boat?
Thank you in advance.
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