1946 Chris Craft Brightside U22 Framing Milestone (part II)

OMG! He’s taking everything apart, just after he fitted, sanded and screwed it together!

Yes. Dry fitting is critical to achieving a result that is true and structurally strong. Each of these parts will now receive copious applications of CPES, before the final install commences.

The two scarf joints – forward in the chine frame and low on the starboard aft corner block, will be epoxied, as they are designed to become single monoliths. The balance of the elements will be fastened bedded in 3M5200.

Unlike the epoxy, the 5200 remains slightly flexible and can withstand the small amount of flexing that is omnipresent in wood hulls without breaking and thereby admitting moisture. Time for Michael to step up to the plate, chip brush at the ready, and begin CPES’ing all these parts.