1946 Chris Craft Brightside U22 Buffed!

Finally… Only two years plus into this incredible journey, our 1946 Chris-Craft Brightside U22’s hull is finished!

Getting there “only” took John many, many trips around her, wet sanding with 600 to 5000 grit wet/dry sanding paper. That all her surfaces were flat at the end of this chapter were evidence by the absolutely uniform snow fields he produced.

Buffing followed, and we will let the result and John speak for themselves.

We allowed the 21 coats of Interlux Perfection Two-Part Varnish to cure for 6 weeks, which also allows the varnish to shrink tightly as it cures fully. She was then left standing in the sun for several days … shrink more and more, surface!

We knew we’d learned something, however difficult being patient is for all of us, by waiting, waiting, and then waiting some more.

The surface is literally as hard as glass, and just as flat. John’s reflection in the aft port corner tells it all…

Want a shoulder workout? Wet sand and buff your varnish!