1946 Chris Craft U22 – Bleached “Albino”

John and RJ trekked between home and the shop periodically into the evening last night, keeping the U22 wet with the two-part Daly’s Wood Bleach we are using, particularly in areas that resisted the bleach.

The result this morning is an albino mahogany U22.

The bleach raises the grain, which is a singular plus for applying the Interlux Interstain in a couple of days.

Once the hull has reached 12-15 percent as measured by our moisture meter, we will lightly hand sand the feathers raised by the bleach, clean the surface with tack clothes and stain using the Danenberg two brown to one red mahogany stain.

CPES will follow. Sikaflex will fill the deck seams, and then, finally, we can begin varnishing the hull.


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