1946 Chris Craft Brightside U22: How to fabricate a new Gripe (part 1)

Finally, the moisture content of the white oak planks purchased from Newport Nautical Timbers reached 16 percent. (It has been hanging in the mid-twenties, just too wet for fabricating the U22’s new gripe. (The boat’s frame has been hovering between 14 and 16 percent.)

Starting first thing this morning, John began working on a 12/4” x 14” plank. By noon he held the roughed out gripe in his hands, as you see towards the end of the clip.

Once the final fitting is complete, he will shape the outer edge, drill the carriage bolt holes, dry fit and install everything, and then seal it completely with three coats of CPES.

When ready, we will lay 3M 5200 into the stem-to-gripe joint, insert the silicon bronze carriage bolts and crank the hex nuts home against lock and flat washers.

Next will be fabricating, sealing and installing half a dozen or so frames, and replacing the eighteen inch aft section of the keel, sealing the entire length on all sides with three coats of CPES, and bolting it in place.

Once all the frames, the gripe and the keel are solidly re-fastened, it will be time for replacing the chine frames, one side at a time.