1946 Chris Craft Brightside U22 Almost Bleaching Time!

We are so close to bleaching the 1946 Chris-Craft brightside U22’s hull, decks, transom, etc.

However, as is all too often the case she wants a bit more of John’s attention. He inspected the fore and aft decks, the tow rails and the covering boards, only to identify scores of small dings, divots and scratches. Thank goodness for Jamestown Distributors’ Thixo Wood 2.0, to which John added a bit of stain and used to fill and will soon fair all these little repairs.

Of course, nobody would see many of these from 10 feet away, but having discovered them, I agreed with John that only by addressing every one of them, however small, could we deliver work that meets our standards for craftsmanship.

Then we discovered that the plank supporting the center plank of the aft deck had been chewed away beneath the gas bung and stern pole ports. Amidst lots of muttering as he was showered by router shavings as he lay on his back carving out a channel for the supporting patches he fashioned and glued into place.

The two small Dutchman repairs to the plank completed the process, and John next reached for his trusty Hustler longboard pneumatic sander.

… Then we will reach for the bleach!