1946 Chris Craft U22: How to Fill Seams with Sikaflex

Getting the seams filled with Sikaflex 295 UV is materially transforming the 1946 Chris-Craft Brightside U22 in almost magical ways. That seemingly unending field of mahogany, especially on the foredeck, now is beginning to jump out and proclaim, “Look at me!”

But doing it correctly is incredibly tedious and time consuming for John. Masking the planks between the seams gobbles attention resources. The tape’s edges must run precisely along each seam’s edges if we are to achieve razor-edged results.

John uses 1-inch painter’s tape for this purpose. It is much more forgiving and much easier to manipulate than wider tape would be. Doing so, however, requires that additional tape be applied so that all but each seam is masked.

We also use masking paper to protect the toe rails from any splatter, either of the Sikaflex or the Interlux Brushing Liquid 333 that John uses to lubricate his spatula so that it glides along the Sikaflex surface rather than pulling it out of the seam.

We strive for a concave profile, which reduces the chances of going through when we sand between the 20 – 24 coats of Interlux Perfection Plus Two-Part Varnish.

We use Perfection on decks, covering boards and interior helm seat frames for two reasons. When cured it is hard as nails, which means it withstands abrasion and scratches quite well. And Perfection is crystal clear, which allows us to apply it over the seams without discoloring the Sikaflex, as it adds UV protection to the Sikaflex itself.

We will be varnishing next week for sure!