1940 16′ Lyman Custom Yacht Tender: Interior Varnish & Bilge Paint

Susan’s interior is varnished. Her bilge is painted. The respirator is back in the bag and on the shelf.

Most important the Sikkens Cetol largely erased the color differential between the mahogany and cypress planking, while adding an almost sensual honey hue to the interior. Yes, the strong lighting does distort and wash the color out, and I cannot wait to have her flipped right-side-up again.

RJ and I applied the first, and quite generous coat of SANPACO Lyman sand tan bilge paint at and below the floor line. A second and finishing coat will be applied once we are ready to install the driveline, seating and engine box.

We will install the floor panel support rail and intermediate topside stiffening rail next week, while we apply several initial coats of Pettit Hi-Build varnish to the topsides and transom.

Then, with cross bracing in place, she will be flipped and set on dollies, so we can begin working on the decks, coamings, and sprayshield. (According to its 1941 catalog, Lyman offered a tall, quite upright and flat sprayshield in place of the shorter sweptback windshield on the tenders of that era.)

Once prepped, all of these surfaces will be stained with Sandusky Natural filler stain, as this model was offered finished natural – bright.

It’s cost us the better part of three weeks, but the result more than justifies the investment of time, sweat and our BAHCO scrapers!