1940 Lyman 16′ Yacht Tender Flipped!

I should not have said, “She’s small. This flip should be easy. Let’s try it without the rolling strap.” Wrong! Physics rules, and the fact that she is beamy, especially as compared to the depth of her hull at the helm bulkhead, translated into no go with hands alone.

John reached for the “rolling” strap and attached it to the starboard – not the port, as I incorrectly say in the clip – bilge stringer. From there we wrap the strap over the starboard gunwale, past the keel, over the port gunwale and across the boat back to the starboard gunwale. Now we had physics on our side.

John pulled the strap and over she went, just as nicely as could be.

We will now focus on stripping Susan’s hull below the waterline using our go-to Circa 1850 Heavy Body Paint and Varnish Remover.

One more milestone fades into our wake!