1951 Penn Yan 18′ Traveler Transport Steam Bath Time

Finally, we have my 1951 18’ Penn Yan Traveler Transporter fully deconstructed. Pressure washing with highly heated water and Marine Spray Nine, a heavy-duty marine cleaner-degreaser is next.

The diesel-fired North Star Industrial Hot Box heats the water to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is that heated water applied to the Spray-Nine-Soaked under high pressure that liquifies and sucks all oil, grease and other residue of the surface and out of the wood.

A word of caution. Notice that Joe and RJ are using a 25 degree fan nozzle. Anything narrower risks abrading wood and even cutting furrows into the soft inner planking.

Once we have her sparkling clean, and have given her at least a week inside to dry out. During that time we will address the two dropped corners where the aft deck meats the covering boards. We must raise the forward ends of the deck and then replace what appear to be missing blocking, but how we will achieve that goal remains to be seen …. Until RJ, lying on his back, can get up in there! With repairs behind us, we will next sand and then apply multiple coats of Sikkens Cetol Marine to the entire interior.

For now I am having way, way too much fun, first disassembling the seating components and engine box and then stripping what is surely a mountain of parts before I “get” to focus on stripping the ceilings.

Oh…. then comes the hull. (At least precious few coats of varnish have been applied to her over the years!