1952 Chris Craft 18′ Riviera Preservation Complete

We purchased this 1952 Chris-Craft 18-foot Riviera in the late autumn 2014. I could not believe, no matter how disheveled at the moment, how original she was.
In the intervening months, we have executed a comprehensive preservation. Aside from two small Dutchman repairs, nary a single piece of wood has been replaced. Even though she will live on a dry dock railroad system between romps on Lake Champlain, I made the call, “Other than refastening the planks, we will leave her original, traditional bottom intact.” Yes, she will leak, but the 2,000 gallon/hr. bilge pump will deal with that.
I open this clip full of bravado, which was then tempered by the challenge of dialing in a Chris-Craft KBL’s triple carbs. John La Fountain once again brought is decades of experience building racing engines to the fore, and roar she did and does.
Next we will install the few remaining components, and RJ will detail her to a standard that amazes me every day.
We will launch her for sea trials early next week. Yes, the HD Flip video camera will be with us.
Following that romp, she will be debuted next Saturday, August 8, 2015, at the Lake Champlain ACBS chapter show in Burlington, VT. The show, our 30th annual, will celebrate Chris-Craft’s incredible array of vessels with at least 20 quite different models on display.
Please join us at the Community Boathouse in Burlington, VT!