1953 Penn Yan Swift CZT Engine Test

This 12-foot, 1953 Penn Yan Swift (HIN CZT 2351) is as original a boat that has ever entered the shop.

She is complete and original down to her Penn Yan optional waterskiing bracket.

We will shoot and issue a detailed video covering her preservation soon. Today we are executing her on-land engine trial.

We are using, and her owners MUST use only Ethanol-free premium gasoline lest they destroy her Johnson outboard’s seals, hoses and other “soft” parts in a few outings.

The correct mixture is 24:1, even though some owners run 32:1 in an effort to reduce smoke, even though they are risking damage from insufficient lubrication.

Fran Secor, Otego, NY, once again executed and absolutely museum-quality restoration and conversion of this 18 HP Johnson from manual to electric start.

Fran disassembled the engine down to a pile of parts, pieces, nuts, bolts, screws and on and on. The video hardly does justice to his accomplishment.

One challenge remains, sourcing five- or 6-foont throttle and shift cables, as the standard 8-foot cables just cannot be shoehorned in the space available behind the helm station, which is aft in the CZT. Fran is hunting, and I’m sure he’ll produce a pair so we can finish assembly, enjoy her sea trail on Lake Champlain, and be loaded into the enclosed trailer that will squire her to her home in Seattle, WA. Note: we will release the engine for the cross-country trek, less it beat up the transom in the process. The Johnson will be secured to a strong stand, which will be lashed to the “V” in the front of the trailer. Only thing left is finding my own CZTM, the Swift that was fitted with mahogany trim. I am a buyer