1955 20′ Lyman Runabout Windshield Back on Deck!

We broke for lunch, after which it was time for RJ and me to mount the windshield back on this 1955 20′ Lyman runabout’s foredeck. First, however, we faced a critical test. Did our dado-routing procedure work?

With the two front panels in place, the gasket material cut to length, and holding our individual and collective breath more than a little, we began working around the frame, pushing the spade into its slot.
Everything went super smoothly, as this clip evidences. We can now safely say that, even absent the Sandusky plant’s tooling, the window-sealing dado can be routed into the frame.

We now have it in place and fastened down. As I type, RJ is behind me inserting a bead of mahogany-colored 3M 5200 into the seam formed where the outer edged of the frame meets the deck. After allowing it to cure, we will apply our own stain-varnish.

Installing the tank and its related plumbing, followed by the seats is next. It will not be too long before we have the engine in the bilge and be waiting for spring when she can emerge from the shop on her way to her sea trials on Lake Champlain