Bon Voyage! Kingfisher 1955 20′ Lyman Runabout is Holland Bound

We shot this video as our farewell to the 1955 20’ Lyman Runabout on May 20, 2016. We and her new owners, Marjanne and Kees Hoek, were in the final stages of launching her voyage from Vermont to the Netherlands, where she would introduce American wood boats and especially what I believe is one of Lyman’s finest boats, the 20-foot, narrow-strake runabout, to Holland.

Then, as life would have it, her new owners suffered what they feared were an explosion of tragedies. Happily for Kees and Marjanne Hoek, the difficulties were mercifully less than first imagined, and were resolves as quickly as they erupted on this couple. Soon “Kingfisher” will be on her voyage to Holland and to her new owners, Marjanne and Kees Hoek.

Kees asked me to share a piece that will introduce “Kingfisher” and her new owners to fellow boat enthusiasts in North America:

To start with: I have been fond of boats all my life, anyway as long as I can remember.
As you already know that’s quite a time because in fact I am 10 years older than the Lyman.

A few years ago my eye fell on a photograph of a Chris-Craft Sea Skiff in the guide to Wooden Power Boats by Benjamin Mendlowitz. When I saw this picture I was hooked at once.

So to be honest, it all started with a Chris-Craft Sea Skiff.

At that time I had a Boesch 5.80 myself. This is a runabout made in Switzerland with a big V8 block. but in fact I never got used to the looks of this boat because of the convex sheer. According to me a boat should have a concave sheer.

So I tried to find a buyer for the Boesch and at the same time started to search the web for a Sea skiff. By doing so I accidently struck the site of your colleague Tom Koroknay, and I phoned him and he convinced me that I had to look for a Lyman instead of a Chris Craft because of different reasons you know better than me.

This Tom sent me his book “Legend of the Lakes” America’s Lapstrake Classics. Since then I was looking for a lapstrake Lyman. The 18′ was too small for me and the 23″to big.

On page 96 of this book I saw a picture of the 20” but I read in the adjacent article that there were only 147 built in 1955 so that was impossible to find.

And then, in the meantime it was a few years later, I struck on your site and there it was.

A 20′ lapstrake Lyman in complete preserved condition. Nearly too beautiful to be true.

The rest of the story you know.

The Lyman is coming to Holland (The Netherlands) in spring and my wife, Marjanne, is as curious as I am myself.

The boat will be berthed at “Loosdrecht” with the Royal Watersport Society in Loosdrecht. According to Dutch ideas quite a big lake located in the centre of Holland. It will certainly be the first Lyman in Holland. I am quite sure of that. Never seen a Lyman, not even another model.

So when an American visits Holland and he spots a Lyman it must be me.

Only once I saw a Chris-Craft Sea Skiff but this one was in a very bad shape.

So Michael, you can imagine that Marjanne and I are looking forward to spring so that we can, kind of show off with the Beautiful Lyman. There it will be a real head turner and that is where it is all about.

Moreover I can tell you that it is in good hands with me and Marjanne because we are fond of beautiful things in general. My Boesch I had for 15 years and was more beautiful when I finally sold her a few weeks ago then when I bought your, now our Lyman, so no worry Americans, relax!! We will take utmost care!!

I have had boats as long as I can remember and started with a canoe. I still have a small 12″ Jol, a sailing dinghy. This boat is also lapstrake mahogany over oak ribs. Very difficult to handle but in summertime we still race in a field of approximately 20 boats. Much fun but very bad for my back.

So Michael now you have a small idea who you sold the Lyman, and I hope you will have enough info for your newsletter and of course Marjanne and I feel very honored that “our Lyman” is getting that special attention.

I will try to send you a few photos of our club in Loosdrecht but you must give me some time because as I told you before, this is not usual stuff for me. Have patience!! I will succeed.

We keep in touch, Best Kees and Marjanne Hoek.

Talk about living the dream… and that goes for all three of us, John, RJ and me!