Chrysler Flathead Six Engine Test 20′ 1955 Lyman Runabout 3 11 2014

Wow! Is this an exciting day or what? We ran all sorts of tests and this 1955 Chrysler flathead six passed them all.

The Carter MO 1531 fuel pump diaphragm is working, but we sighted some seepage, so we will rebuild it. (It stopped leaking after we ran the engine for 10 minutes, but it so much easier to rebuild it with the engine sitting on its stand than later, when it is down in the bilge.)

The JABSCO 3590 water pump is, well, pumping, but a service kit is on its way to the shop. This engine has not run for a decade, so that impeller’s fins have almost surely stiff and permanently bent over.

She holds 50 pounds of oil pressure. The thermostat functions properly.

We installed a Pertronix ignition kit and six new plugs. Even though the oil in the sump came out clear and clean, we drained it, replaced the oil filter and filled it with 30 weight.

Now is the moment of truth! Will she fire? If/when she fires, will she run? Yes and yes. As you will see in the clip she starts well, idles absolutely smoothly and accelerates without any stumbling.

Once the rebuilds are complete and we have thoroughly cleaned the engine, into the bilge it will go.

Project completion is peeking over the horizon, as are the 20-24 inches and raging nor-easter forecast to arrive tomorrow morning.

All is good!