Rolling Tipping Coat #7 on the ’52 Chris Craft Riviera Runabout

Here is the promised segment illustrating how we roll and tip, in this case coat #7, on the 1952 Chris-Craft Riviera Runabout.
RJ is rolling varnish on, being sure to achieve uniform coverage across the surface. John follows behind using a 3” Wooster tipping brush. John’s challenge is to smooth out the surface with the lightest possible touch. As is evident in the clip, he is barely touching the surface with the absolute ends of the bristles.
We always keep the tipping brushes half submerged in the thinner used with the varnish. We learned the hard way that, even if seemingly cleaned and cleaned again, allowing the brush to dry translates into a myriad of dry particles and dust among its bristles.
We will allow the brush to dry between boats, but then clean and soak, and keep it wet when the next varnishing process begins anew.