1947 Higgins Speedster True 5200 Bottom Milestone

Our 1947 17’ Higgins Speedster finally has proper bottom framing with a doubling of the number of frames, atop of which we have installed her two-layer True 5200 Bottom.

Please see or comprehensive 5200-bottom-centric body of instructional material.

Where we could deflect the bottom with a fist thump before, as is clear in the clip, it is rock solid now. Our last structural detail involves fitting and installing the about-half-inch-wide keel strip.

Filling and fairing the countersinks using 3M Marine Premium Filler is next and will be followed by thorough sealing with Smith’s CPES.

Applying FIVE – not fewer – coats of Interlux 2000E Barrier Coat is the final step ahead of applying three coats of brilliant red bottom paint, a color that is carrier out throughout the hull and upholstery, per the thumbnail photos that fronts this clip.