1947 Higgins Speedster Bottom Transom Framing & Toothpicking

I know. I know. She looks even worse, but she is not. Indeed, with Joe fabricating and installing bilge stringer and bottom and transom framing, and Rick inserting and average of five hardwood toothpicks in each screw hole after sinking them in Gorilla Waterproof glue, her bottom and transom, and her ability to both support and withstand the torque of her flathead six Gray Marine Ace grows exponentially every day.

Let’s see ….. seven boxes of 250 toothpicks each equals 1,750 toothpicks. At an average of 5 in each hole tells us that Rick toothpicked about 350 holes. On, and it used up a full pint of Gorilla Glue!

Svelte will once we begin the cosmetic work.