1954 Penn Yan Captivator Preservation Update

The little Penn Yan Captivator is truly “coming into it,” our shop phrase for projects that moved past major preservation milestones with flying colors.

Speaking of color, I hope you will agree that the TotalBoat JD Select Bottom paint complements the mahogany topsides and transom very nicely. It also echoes the upholstery, which is the same forest green.

The newly-fabricated white oak splash rails have been bleached and the final sanding is finished as of this morning. We will stain them blonde to match the half-round white oak rub rails that have yet to be fabricated.

Varnishing is next, but wait. Why have the seams been filled with white Sikaflex 295 UV already? Because the decks, coaming boards, dash and gunwales will be varnished with Interlux Perfection Plus Two-Part Epoxy Varnish, which is crystal clear. As corroborated in the current issue of Practical Sailor magazine, Perfection Plus delivers incredible UV protection and, in PS’s tests, retains its gloss for years – 5 in the PS tests.

We will roll and tip at least eight coats of Perfection, sanding after every three and then every other coat.

As I type Pettit Hi-Build Gloss Varnish is being rolled and tipped on her topsides and transom. We will build at least eight coats, sanding with ever-finer dry paper between every 2 coats.

What great lines! What a truly neat little boat, especially once we hang her 30 HP Johnson Javelin on her transom!