1955 20′ Lyman Runabout Chrysler Crown M 47 Roars!

Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is burning brightly! Today she emerged from the shop with only two hurdles in front of her before she reaches the preservation-complete finish line.

Today we tested her engine, gauges, oil pressure, charging circuit, as well as her new water pump and thermostat. This clip opens with John turning the key. She turns over briefly before her 1955 Chrysler Crown M-47 flathead six roars to life.

As with the bench test we taped some weeks ago, she idles and then responds to the throttle without so much as a hiccup. The Pertronix ifnition makes an impressive difference in how smoothly these old tractor engines run.
Having ;leapt this hurdle with ease, she faces her final test tomorrow (if the weather holds), when we launch her into Lake Champlain and challenge her under load.

Yes, the tape will be running ….