1955 20′ Lyman Runabout Water Test

Yes! The 1955 20′ Lyman Runabout’s water test could not have gone better today.

We did find a minor leak in the area of the strut mount and one along the keel forward of the helm station, both of which we will repair once the hull dries.

Beyond that, she performed beautifully as she romped across the morning’s mirror-like Lake Champlain surface. RPMs rose and fell nicely in response to the throttle. She held 60 pounds of oil pressure at speed, and 40 pounds when idling.

And once again I marveled at the silky smooth ride Lyman’s deliver. She was no different as she carved turns, rode flat and made all three of us smile.

Now she is ready to meet her new owner. Contact me should you have interest in a completely preserved, largely original 1955 20′ Lyman runabout.