1955 20′ Old Style Lyman Runabout on the Water

So many of you have requested a video of our 1955 Lyman 20’ Runabout on the water, but shot from a dock or other boat. Thanks to Vermont’s new state launch access beneath the Champlain Bridge that connects VT and NY, we are happy to deliver.

You will see a bank of very unfriendly clouds to the northwest as she romps across the water. Well the threat became a reality just as we were loading her on her trailer. A few drops of rain quickly became a deluge of thunder, lightning, rain and hail!

The bilge pump worked overtime as we headed for the shop.

We’ve drained the bilge of all the rain water, and have a pile of wet terrycloth towels on the floor from wiping her down inside and out, stem to stern.

Mid-50s, old-style runabouts are mighty rare, but this one could be yours. Just email or give us a call and we will explore with you how we can make that happen.