1956 Century Black-Cowhide Palomino – As Found

Once again David Irving and his Bone Yard Boats has proven to be an invaluable channel for helping owners of great old wooden boats find and move them to new owners who are committed to doing the heavy lifting required for comprehensive preservation of these elegant ladies of yesteryear.

Now, based on the Century Boats Facebook page and speaking with Dave at A&A Marine, it seems I erred in characterizing this boat as a Palomino. In fact, it appears that she is a Pinto with horsehide upholstery, which makes total sense given how Pinto horses are marked. And her hull number, P 5652, suggests that she was actually manufactured in 1956, not 1957.

Here she is in her as-found debut at Snake Mountain Boatworks. With her hull number stamped on her transom, and as complete and unhurt as a 55 year-old boat can possibly be.