1956 Century Cowhide Palomino – Staining Avodire Decks

We were not pleased with the bleaching results, so we sanded this 1956 Century “Cowhide” Palomino’s Avodire decks and hatch cover with fantastic results. The tiger figuring leapt out at us, and the 80 grit we used delivered the teeth we need for successful staining.

And stain we did, using Sandusky Chris-Craft Corina Blonde Filler Stain.

Patience is the key. The temptation to brush it on and wipe it off is powerful, but giving into to it is completely wrong. It is a “filler” stain because, used properly, it will fill the valleys and scratches left by sanding. As such, staining properly is truly an early step towards your goal, a varnished surface that looks all the world like it is ten feet deep.

Letting the stain flash and turn from reflecting light to a dull, flat surface is critical. Then, even though doing so requires three or four X the work, it’s all about scrubbing the wood clean using cheese cloth and going across the grain. When are you finished? When the surface begins reflecting light again, which informs you that the stain has filled the valleys, and it is time for a final burnishing with clean cheese cloth and a gentle touch.

Once the stain has cured for 24 hours, the first of three coats of CPES can be applied. Now it is time for applying the varnish of your choice.