1956 Chris Craft Capri 19′ – How We Do Bottom Work

Here is what is involved when we do bottom work to repair or replace a traditional bottom. No, I am not asserting that our way is the only or the best way. What follows below is what currently works for us today. However, preserving wood vessels is an evolving journey along which best practices and best materials evolve continually. Remember that there was a day when paying 5200 into bottom plank seams was dogma! But flexible marine epoxy products were not even a glimmer on the researcher’s bench then. 

No well-informed restorer would ever, ever, ever pay 3M5200 into bottom planking seams today. 

Why? Watch our Why Filling Seams With 3M5200 Is Forbidden video.

Following is our sequence, particularly the materials and methods we use and where you can get them:

Hard if the boat is dry sailed – Pettit Old Salem Copper Bronze Hard Racing Enamel.