1968 20′ Lyman Project Begins Below the Waterline 1 27 2015

Knock on Wood is a 1968, 20’ Lyman runabout, who is powered by her original engine, and is pretty original throughout. The rub rails have been replaced and we will have some work to do on the bright work, but her hull is absolutely solid above and below the waterline, save for some major transom and stem issues.
We are introducing her to you today, and will be chronicling here progress over the coming weeks and months. Stripping the bottom and transom come first, followed by selective refastening, countersink hole filling, fairing, and priming with five coats Interlux 2000E two-part epoxy barrier coat primer, followed by Sandusky copper bronze antifouling paint.
So far, addressing the below waterline transom issues present our most significant challenges. We could simply discard and replace the 42-year-old transom with something new. Besides being hugely expensive, investing so much time and energy simply wastes money and destroys a major part of what is classic in this Lyman, original planking.
Given our penchant for saving every bit of original wood possible, we will engage a Dutchman repair strategy. The rotted and compromised wood, 98% of which is below the waterline where it will be painted, will be removed with a router to prepare a mating surface for the largest Dutchman we have executed to date. (The transom above the waterline is in great shape and can easily be preserved with one relatively small Dutchman, bleaching, staining and varnishing.)
We begin today and will report in as doing so makes sense.
As always please weigh in with your reactions, comments and ideas.