52 Chris Craft Riviera Runabout 18 Staining Deck Corina Blonde

We tested early this morning and the hull’s moisture content has dropped to a pretty uniform 15%, so staining can commence.
With the blonde aft deck, king plank and covering boards fully masked off against spatter, we apply Sandusky Paint Co. Chris-Craft Corina Blonde Filler Stain diluted about 10% with mineral spirits, which produces a consistency of house paint.
It took about 15 minutes for the stain to begin flashing, at which time we begin sharing the fun of working exclusively cross-grain, scrubbing excess stain off and filling the valleys in the process.
We will now allow the stain to cure for 24 hours before sealing it with three coats of CPES, after which we will apply a first coat of Pettit Hi-Build gloss varnish as insurance against adulteration of the blonde wood with the Danenberg Interlux Interstain mixture that will be applied to the balance of the hull.