’68 Lyman Transom Dutchman Update 02 20 2015

RJ spent this week completing the small Dutchman repair to the starboard strake dry rot area, and then has turned his attention to fabricating a pretty complex transom Dutchman repair below its waterline.
He first fabricated a cardboard template which he used with ¾” marine plywood to fashion his initial blank. The latter required substantial sanding in as all of the edges are beveled as well as being curved.
His next challenge was routing out the inner surface so that the Dutchman will eventually lock into place, with the extensive shiplap joint providing substantial strength to what will be the final product.
Here, after pointing out the repairs completed on the aft ends of the bilge stringers, he demonstrates how well his Dutchman dry fits into the receiving cavity.
“All” that remains is routing out the face of the Dutchman where it will receive yet another layer of mahogany marine plywood in the area above the waterline that will be finished bright.
Truly Knock on Wood is getting some of her wood back!