Lyman Runabout Transom Deconstruction at Finish Line

RJ has almost completed the deconstruction phase of preserving this 1968, 20’ Lyman Runabout’s transom.

As you see in this clip, while most of the repairs are below the waterline, we face the challenge of fabricating a fairly large Dutchman above it where the transom is finished bright. We have some mahogany plywood that has very similar grain, and will hide the vertical joint at the right end of the Dutchman behind the port exhaust flange.

RJ must first clean out the rot and fill what was a terrible water trap with Thixo Thickened Epoxy and repair the aft ends of the bilge stringers that had wicked up water and have rotted in a ways as a result.

We have sealed all of the new framing with three coats of CPES and are applying Sandusky Lyman sand tan bilge paint to them as I type. Once the new frame members are in place, we can begin fabricating, sealing and installing the two Dutchmen that will complete the transom repair.