Saving a 1968 Lyman Runabout Transom Deconstruction Update 02 09 2014

Almost immediately following the last update on addressing the transom failure, and suggesting that we could save at least two of the vertical transom frame members, RJ ran a test. Will they hold fasteners? Nope. There was just no there there any longer, so RJ set about fabricating entirely new framework for the transom.
Now it is time for what is truly deconstruction. Our Dutchman will attach to that portion of the transom we are saving with a horizontal shiplap joint. Since it is his project, RJ “gets” to man the router.
Once we clean out about 3/8” of old material, we will have created the inner half of the shiplap. Yes, we’d rather have this joint reversed with the top tab on the outside half of the transom, but trying what you are about to see from the inside is beyond realistic. We will seal the joint with Thixo Thickened Epoxy and 3M 5200, thereby ensuring zero water infiltration into the joint.