True 5200 Bottom Update 1930 Dodge Runabout 1 21 2015

Sorry about the typo in the title. Today truly is January 21. We finally found the plank we were looking for on the starboard face of the bottom. By the time we leave the shop tonight, the final six port “bow section” planks will be sealed and screwed down, and the first coat of 3M Premium Marine epoxy filler will have been applied to the fastener countersinks. A second application will follow tomorrow morning, at which time we will allow the 3M 5200 to cure for a week before we sand the countersinks and finish fairing the bottom with Premium Marine filler.
Yes, we use Acetone as our go-to solvent throughout the shop. In this application, and unlike Interlux 202, 333 or 216, the Acetone flashes immediately and in our experience and in the literature actually accelerates the curing process. (We tested the other solvents on 5200, only to find that they actually retarded, and in some cases seriously so, the curing process.)
We will begin applying five coats of Interlux 2000E two-part epoxy barrier coat next week, followed by three coats of Pettit Copper Bronze antifouling bottom paint.
Soon Minnow will be equipped with what in Danenberg’s world constitutes a true 5200 bottom.