SOLD – 1938 Chris-Craft Double Cockpit Forward Custom Runabout

1938 Chris Craft Runabout sea trial

“Flyin’ By” (Hull #48264)

Best of Show, July 2017 Lake Champlain ACBS Antique Boat Show

Offered at $65,000 – SOLD

Flyin’ By was delivered to her first owners in Detroit, MI on August 12, 1937. The Aikens family of Bloomfield Hills, MI purchased her in 1960, and enjoyed her on Michigan’s Lake St. Clair until July 2016, when her stewardship passed to Shirley and Michael Claudon of Weybridge, VT.

Flyin’ By

  • Is a 19-foot (racing) Model 824
  • Is powered by and original Chris-Craft Model LC flathead 6 engine has twin Zenith carburetors
  • Develops 148 HP and 40 MPH at 3500 RPM
  • Stands before you today, almost exactly as she was 80 years ago when she left the Chris-Craft factory in Algonac, MI
    1. Save for evidence of several small inconsequential repairs. her framing and planking are original
    2. Her traditional bottom is original
    3. All of her hardware, gauges, Clum switch, steering wheel and on and on are original
    4. Only her Corinthian leather upholstery and her updated 12volt electrical system that were installed in 1980 are not original
Flyin’ By at the Lake Champlain Chapter ACBS Annual Vintage Boat Show

By the fall of 2016, her

  • Ancient varnish had finally dried and lost its integrity in too many places
  • Once brilliant white deck seams were severely cracked, split and discolored
  • Evidence of fastener failure and discolored wood bungs
  • Chrome plated hardware and stainless trim were far from show quality

Flyin’ By emerged from the shop on May 11, 2017, with stunning results

  • Captain Stan Walker, AMS, Marine Surveyor, conducted a comprehensive survey in May, 2017, concluding that Flyin’ By is in Bristol Condition in every way. (Copy available upon request.)
  • Flyin’ By won Best of Show in the 2017 Lake Champlain Antique and Classic Boat Society Boat Show.
  • After applying 24 coats of varnish and waiting 31 days for it to cure, we polished it to its mirror-like gloss.
  • Joanie Alden, Vital Signs in Colchester, VT, hand painted her “Flyin’ By” transom lettering and “Chris-Craft” hull tags, exactly matching the originals.
  • Mickey Dupuis, Custom Metal Restoration in Holyoke, MA, transformed OK hardware into jewelry.
  • Shauna Lawrence, Kocian Instruments, Forest Lake, MN, preserved the gauge cluster and Clum switch to perfection.
  • A Fireboy Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing system and a Fireboy M-1 Gasoline Fume Detector were installed.

Watch her on YouTube:

1938 Chris Craft Runabout sea trial
Flyin’ By sea trial on Lake Champlain

SOLD: 1956 16 Foot Century Cowhide Palomino and Tee Nee Trailer


Offered at $13,750: 1956 16-foot Century Cowhide Palomino & Tee Nee Trailer

With hull number “P5652” is still stamped on her transom, this completely preserved 1956 “Cowhide” Century Palomino is as original a boat as I have ever seen. We did not replace a single scrap of wood. 

She is a one-owner boat and among a tiny number, perhaps as few as 2-4, survivors of the cowhide-upholstered, black Palomino model that Century built for a single year.


  • Save for her burgee, stern flag and seat cushions, which we had fabricated using the same 1956 NOS cowhide fabric, from the same vendor that Century Boat Company used in 1956, every bit of her upholstery is original.
  • The bottom planking was stripped bare, received 3 coats of CPES, primed with 5 coats of Interlux 2000E Marine barrier coat, followed by 4 coats of Pettit hard racing bronze.COWHIDE I
  • The topsides, transom, decks and covering boards were stripped bare and sealed with 3 coats of CPES prior to applying 12 coats of Pettit High-Build varnish and 6 coats of JD Total Boat Wet Edge topside black paint.
  • The hardware, windshield, stainless trim strips, Century hull tags and windshield, are all original, and were fully restored by New England Chrome Plating, East Hartford, CT.
  • Fran Secor of Otego, NY, executed a comprehensive rebuild and cosmetic engine preservation.
  • The original 1956 Tee Nee trailer has been completely disassembled, sand blasted, re-painted and reassembled. The wiring and wheel bearings are new.


SOLD 1956 17′ Chris-Craft Special Sportsman

Offered at $21,500: 1956 17’ Chris-Craft Special Sportsman

This 1956 17’ Chris-Craft Special Sportsman is completely original. She is hull number C-17 3708, which, according to Conrad, makes her a 1957, but her build sheet identifies her as a 1956.

She has the blonde king plank and split helm seat, which is a 1957 treatment, but her straight windshield was typical of the 1956 model.

That she is identified as a “Special Sportsman” also points at 1956.

No, she is not a “marriage of convenience,” put-together boat. We purchased her from her second owner, who, in turn purchased her from the original owner, his son. Both father and son took and saved documentation, including her original build sheet. She stands before you now as she left Algonac.

The immediate prior owner, and electrical engineer, began preserving her at least 15 years ago. I purchased her as an empty hull with engine still installed, and with every part, piece, even the screws carefully sorted and tagged.

Upon arrival at the shop we did a complete inventory and realized that nothing was missing.


Engine Test:
Sea Trial:

Our comprehensive preservation included

  • Engine and transmission
    • Complete teardown and rebuild
    • Conversion to 12 volts
    • Generator replaced with a one-wire alternator, which enhances reliability hugely
    • Points ignition replaced with Petronix for hotter spark and enhanced reliability
  • Gas tank – The previous owner provided a new, exact copy of the original tank, as well as the original one
  • Bilge – Painted with 3 coats of Sandusky Paint Company Chris-Craft red bilge paint
  • Floor panels – Covered with black small-ribbed rubber sheeting that is correct for Chris-Craft
  • Mickey Dupuis, D & S Custom Metal Restoration, Holyoke, MA, preserved all of the hardware
  • Kocian Instruments executed a comprehensive mechanical and cosmetic preservation of the gauges
  • Snake Mountain Boatworks preserved the wheel
  • Marks Upholstery, Middlebury, VT, fabricated new upholstery in Chris-Craft red
  • Hull – was stripped to bare wood inside and out. Every square inch of wood received 3 coats of CPES ahead of any finishing.
    • Bottom planking released, interior ½” plywood sheathing refastened. The sheathing and planks were sealed with 3 coats of CPES before being re-installed bedded in 3M 5200.
    • The topsides, decks, covering boards, ceilings, seating, seat boxes, engine box and dash were bleached, stained either blonde or mahogany as appropriate.
    • All bright surfaces received at least 16 coats of Pettit High-Build varnish
    • Below the waterline, the hull received 5 coats of Interlux 2000-E barrier coat, followed by 4 coats of Pettit hard racing bronze bottom paint
  • Sea Lion trailer
    • Galvanized box beam bunk trailer with electric disc brakes
    • Fewer than 150 miles since purchased new by Snake Mountain Boatworks.
    • Extended bow tower, which greatly eases retrieval from the water, and guarantees that the bow winch line never touches the boat
    • According to Conrad, the 17’ Special Sportsman weighs between 1,600 and 1,800 pounds. The trailer’s GVRW is 3,800 pounds, more than sufficient to carry the boat easily and smoothly.

1956 Chris-Craft Special Sportsman Information Sheet

SOLD 1948 18′ Chris Craft Utility Deluxe

Offered at $19,500: 1948 18′ Chris Craft Utility Deluxe  Hull # U18-550

Little Chief is on her way to Salzburg, Austria, where her new owners will enjoy her for years to come. 

We prepped her ahd her transport trailer for the voyage on October 30, 2013.

Little Chief’s loading into her 20′ sea container on November 12, 2013.

Best of Show, Utilities, 2012 VT Antique & Classic Boat Show

  • Watertight, 3M 5200 bottom
  • All fasteners released and replaced with silicon bronze
  • Sixteen coats of hand-rubbed Epifanes varnish
  • Original CC 95 HP Model K engine rebuilt by Restoration and Performance Motorcars of Vermont
  • Original hardware chromed by Mickey Dupuis D&S Custom Plating, Holyoke, MA
  • New, custom-built Sea Lion Trailer

Watch Little Chief’s post-preservation debut on YouTube: